Availability of Manpower

Unemployed labor force of Bangladesh is estimated to be about 20
million. Besides a huge number of un-skilled labor force, skilled, semiskilled
and professional manpower is also available for foreign employment. Some
relevant data in this regard are given below:

Agricultural, animal husbandry, fisheries farmers:

70% of total people of Bangladesh are directly or indirectly
involved with Agriculture. In the rural areas agriculture is main occupation
throughout the country. There are two Agriculture University and 13
Agricultural colleges and several training institutes in the country which
provides important information to the farmers. Skilled, semiskilled and
unskilled shepherds with sufficient experience are also available for foreign


The countries industries employ about 1.5 millions workers of
different categories. Professional, managerial, technical workers including
experienced garments workers, both male and female, with several years of
experience in different industrial fields are available for employment abroad.


Professional, technical and skilled personnel experienced in
operation, repair and maintenances of all categories of vehicles including
trucks and heavy vehicle equipments are available for employment.

 **Hotel Cookery

A vast amount of Bangladeshi hotel workers are working in an
assortment of reputed hotel abroad, principally in the Middle Eastern nations.
The Hotel Management Training Institute run by Bangladesh Tourism Corporation
turns out a rood figure of skilled hotel employees each year. All kinds of
trained hotel staff with experience of working in five star hotels can be
provided for the departments of food and beverage, housekeeping and front


Skilled workers and technicians play a key role in all sectors
of economy. To produce skilled technicians there are mid-level technical and
vocational training systems in the country. Midlevel technical education is
provided after tenth year of schooling.

There are 68 vocational training institute (VTI’s) and 19
technical training centers (TTC’s) which caters to the training needs for
craftsmen in the basic trades. 19 TTC’s produce annually about 5000 highly
skilled technicians on different trades, suitable for overseas employment.
Building trades like electricians, air condition mechanics, fabricators,
operators, welders of all categories, fitters, mechanists, plumbers, pipe
fitters, painters, steel fixers, carpenters, masons, garment workers etc. are
available for employment. Testing facilities are available in our Gazi

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Characteristics of

workers are trustworthy, hardworking and have the exceptional quality of
suitableness to new location.